Sunday, April 1, 2012

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Among the popular celebrities, who appeared on ‘Mi`mi Ink’, were Evan Seinfeld, musician; Sunny Garcia - Pro surfer; Bam Margera - Professional skateboarder, actor, prankster; Mark Zupan - Athlete; H2O - Band; Phil Varone - Musician; Anthony Bourdain - Chef/author/television personality; Harold Hunter - Skateboarder; Lloyd Banks - Rapper and Johnny Messner - Actor and the list continues…….. The customers include buddies from all walks of life and the very famous ones also.
When ‘Miami Ink‘ began, we watched all the tattoo artists working in the same shop. Later, they went their separate ways and opened their different tattoo parlous in Los Angeles. As the time passed by, they realized that they must reunite and open their tattoo parlor together.